Construction Equipment Finance

Roles and Responsibilities:

1) Pre- Disbursement Activity:

· Handling foot falls at the dealerships and dealership related activities.

· Field Investigating Activity.

· Lead generation through promotional activities conducted by SFL.

· Collection of prospective customer information.

2) Disbursement:

· Processing application for approval.

· Obtaining documents from customers for payment.

· Collection invoice/Insurance and other respective papers.

· Processing the loan documents for payment.

3) Post Disbursement:

· Confirmation of delivery of vehicle finance processed.

· Collection of registration certificate if applicable.

· Collection of insurance policy if applicable.

4) Recovery Management:

· Responsible for initiating repossession proceeding, maintain records of collection and status of accounts.

5) Customer relations and cross selling:

· Responding to customer queries and grievances and providing timely information and redressal.
Exploring favorable cross selling opportunities with the customer



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