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Submit your name to thank the Doctors, Nurses, Police officers, ASHA worker, and all the staff of Ballari district who have been working tirelessly to protect us.

We are sending a thank you letter along with a memento to our superheroes and you can be a part of it by submitting your name and we will include it in the letter.

We cannot be thankful enough of all the care and protection we received and the least we can do is thank them all wholeheartedly.

Our target is 10,000 names

Recent names

Santosh, H.fazal, Veeru, Veerendra, Shivakumar Maligi, Salman Hussain C, Sahera Kasim, Sabiya Kasim, Sandeep Ravindra, R. Ramachandra, R. Ramachandra, K Ramesha,K Rakesha, K Rakesha, K padmavati, H R Kashi Vishwanatha setty, Ranganath, K.Bhumika, Nagarjuna.D,Kavya.N, Yashh Yashwanth, Srinidhi S, Streets.of.hospet, PREETHAM S M, Shravani Katigi M, Pditians, H N Rakesh, Ashok, Lokesh, MD. Adil, D Rakesh, S Dilip kumar , D Latha, D Gayathi, Naveen, Vinitha, Amrutha, AbhishekAarthi, Keerthi, Pramod, Jayanthi, Keerthi, Munindra, Maheshchinni, Jananya, Jashith, Rekha, Sunil, Anand Godini, Shivkumar,Shakunthala,, Abhishek, Shwetha,Swapna, Srivishnu, Srujay, Radha mahesh, Radha mahesh

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Use commas if you want to insert multiple names

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