Authoriser – WBO

  • Clearing Operations: Inward Clearing : Authorise all Inward clearing instruments within the cut-off timings without exceptions.
  • Tallying of cheques received verification and authorization of entries.
  • Book receivable or payables under intimation to the unit-in-charge.
  • Handling of Returns and Referrals : Identify and return eligible cheques to the presenting bank.
  • Raise referrals for cheques as applicable including Co-operative Bank cheques and follow-up.
  • Maintain cheques return register and other records.
  • To ensure timely processing of all cheques within the cut off time and return the same within the permissible time.
  • Outward Clearing: Authorisation of all outward clearing entries within the cut-off timings without exception.
  • Verification and authorization of all entries before presentation in outward clearing.
  • Ensure inward returns and ensure Nil exceptions.
  • Co-operative Bank Cheques : Authorisation of Co-operative Bank funding sheets and validation of Co-operative Bank cheques received against funding sheet.
  • Nostro and Suspense account monitoring: Daily reconciliation of nostro accounts.
  • Record balance of all relevant suspense accounts as per the process.
  • Fortnightly reporting of suspense/monthly nostro accounts after due verification with relevant details.
  • Safe custody of Nostro account chequebook and judicious use of the same.



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